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This is only the beginning to much more folks. For months I, Kelcey Johnson, head and creator of Culture Fiend, have been developing this website for months on end and to finally see true results makes me ecstatic. Though you may not see the full fledged potential of Culture Fiend, we have a lot in store for all viewers. As summer of 2017 begins there is a s!@# load in store for everyone.

About Us


what is culture fiend?

You could call Culture Fiend an outlet or you could call it a community. Culture Fiend is a source of entertainment by displaying many voices, good and bad, that are relevant and need to be heard. Culture Fiend is a gathering of people that bring experiences and stories that need attention. This wonderful site was created by me, Kelcey Johnson, and managed by my perfect and consistent team. We are all high school students who love to write, talk, and inspire. Our goal is to show you as the user what is going on and entertain you while doing so. We would love if you share and come back for more of the latest.


the development

I have always seen a high demand of an outlet that informs the consumer as well as entertain simultaneously. I have always had an open mind and wanted to create an outlet that is open and very comedic in its style. Around my friends I was told that my outlook on life’s situations is informing yet funny in its delivery. That is when I began my journey to share this feeling of knowledge and laughter at once. I have gathered a team I trust and who think alike to deliver a well packaged product. We will continue to evolve as Culture Fiend as long as Culture Fiend can find the ways to help a viewer learn something new while laughing their ass off.

meet the fiends

Kelcey Johnson – creator, writer, host, and more

Darryl Hunter – writer, designer, co-host

Kelcey Johnson

Founding Father

I’m a high school student who has always been known as outgoing. I am always looking for something new to learn or latch on. I am very openminded and friendly when around others. This site is another piece of my mind I would always continue to share.

~I just want to inform the youth with a smile and a laugh

Darryl Hunter

~There’s no better fiend than a culture fiend

I’m a high school student, but little do you know I am different in many ways. Not only can I hit a kick flip and steal your girl, but I am a business man. I am also an artist, and I love to share the love of art and laughter with others.




music for everyone

If you seek the hottest artist and latest hits in music check back here. If you are looking for opinions on certain things within the industry at the moment or just an interesting look at the industry in general com here! Music in Culture Fiend is diverse and critically analyzed by team members with followed up reviews.

the one and only jordythecrashkid has a movement

kelcey johnson | head of cf

JORDY is quite the guy when it comes to it all. JORDY has some pretty interesting and different music. The coolest thing about JORDY is that he isn’t just music he has his own movement… the CRASH Movement.


divine council holds it up like simba

kelcey johnson | head of cf

Check out the new heat that is Divine Council here.

don’t sleep on ugly god

kelcey johnson | head of cf

If you haven’t said the enchanting words “Thanks Ugly God!” I wouldn’t understand how you are living. Check out what I had to say about Ugly God and exactly why you need to be saying THANKS UGLY GOD!



the others teaser trailer

presented by cf media

Here lies the teaser trailer from CF Media. The Others, a short film those who see will not forget and will understand what living life means.

millennials are on and up

Millennials are on the rise, but how does the community feel about what it means to be within this day in age. Culture Fiend asked a group of people some questions and there were some intriguing answers here.

s@*# happens


for listeners

This is literally mind mind and how I see the world. Also with fellow hosts featured on the show Darryl Hunter, John Jackson, and more guests to come. You will come to know my life as well as the other hosts along with the world as we know of it. Typically there will be an episode posted once per week. If you have any topics you want to talk about contact me via kelceyjohnson@culturefiends.com.

ep. 1 crazy women and starting 2017 with more insanity

This is the first of many recordings that you viewers will come to hear. Soon we will have footage to go with the audio. As for now, here it is the very first episode of S!@# Happens. Check it out and subscribe.