divine council holds it up like simba

divine council

Have you heard of the Divine Council?! Members of the council are Icytwat, Cyrax, Lord Linco, and headed by $ilk Money. These guy share a different vibe from other new artists currently out. Divine Council has been in the music industry for a minute, but finally getting the well worth recognition. With their tremendous hit Decemba (Remix), featuring Andre 3000, Divine Council gets hold of even more listeners. I personally found the group’s content just through watching the creative music video for Decemba (Remix).

The music video was directed by Andre 3000 and did not hold back on any ingenuity.. After continuous watching and careful listening to the music video many times, I went to seek more content. Just as I hoped, the council kept me on the edge of my seat with the mix of fluent beats and verses on the Council World EP. I want the Divine Council to continue to whoa the many ears listening throughout the next year. This group brings a different attitude and stature in rap. Culture Fiend highly recommends checking out what Divine Council has to offer on the Council World EP, SoundCloud, and music videos. Divine Council has huge certification from the Culture Fiend team.

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