ugly god: king of booties and lizards

ugly god

Throughout 2016 there was a constant request for new and hot artist. And throughout the year that’s what we got. I remember specifically as I began scrolling through YouTube I came across a music video called Water. Water is a song made by Ugly God, and in my opinion the rapper in 2016 has the most potential besides Lil Yachty.

Ugly God caters towards mainly the younger generation with consistence in comedic themes and a no care mentality. Ugly God speaks for the young experience through his addicting lyrics and view. As he says himself Ugly God is his own character, I can say this is the first of his own kind. Like his many songs they portray many negative stigmas that somehow turn into fun and cool labels. Ugly God literally reflects upon himself with as the ultimate caricature of ugly. This flip of negative into positive is really exciting and addictive. With his songs like Water, I Beat My Meat, FTBT(Face/Titties/Booty/Toes), Bernie Sanders , and Booty From A Distance; young but primitive Ugly God captures the mind of most young men like myself. As Ugly God’s display of lyrics are so relatable he attracts fun and young crowds who recognize the symbolism of the common high school boy in his voice, opinion, and lyrics. After introducing Ugly God to my friends they all proudly call themselves fans like I. The problem is Ugly God is popular among certain audiences, yet very underestimated and slept on by others. Ugly God surprisingly was not a XXL Freshman for the class of 2016, which I believe was a clear mistake. Even so, Ugly God has quite the potential and it is more than likely he will finesse 2017 from the other artists out now and soon to come. Be sure to check out many of Ugly God’s works of art and they truly are works of art. You can find this art on his SoundCloud where most of his content resides. You can also follow the king of lizards, booty, little dicks, and Pokémon on social media @uglygod. God speed and most importantly…THANKS UGLY GOD!

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