you can’t f$#@ with jordythecrashkid

I know people are wondering who is JORDYTHECRASHKID. If you are reading this and asking that question you should’ve known this nigga by now, but be glad you are being informed right now. JORDY is basically a jack of all trades. JORDY is the kind of entertainer and leader our generation needs. JORDY has some nice songs, he is going into clothing, and has a cult following. JORDY has created the CRASH movement, hence the name JORDYTHECRASHKID. During a phone call with JORDY, I found myself taken back by the words spoken. One sentence he said specifically, “I’m not just a rapper, I am more”. JORDY started rapping when he was younger. He explained to me how he went from freestyling to taking rap to another level. All said within the phone call, “My uncle always wanted me to freestyle for fun. I freestyled for him, but I always said dumb ass s@#$. It’s not like my skills or freestyles were nothing much. The funny thing was my moms wouldn’t like it. My room was above her room so she always heard the things I said. My uncle told me what to say in the freestyles ya know. I didn’t know what I was saying, but I liked cursing and I knew I was cursing. As I got older I realized what I was saying. For example, in school you know when you learned about female body parts and s@#$, that’s when I realized the things I said. My biggest influence had always been Lil Wayne so I started writing toward middle school and high school. I did a lot of freestyling in middle school before high school. There is a difference between my writing and freestyling. My writing is softer, but my freestyling is harder.”

Further into the phone call, JORDY put things in perspective, speaking on his movement and how he got there within high school up to now. “I moved around a lot as a kid. When I moved to Edwardsville, Illinois, I really took this rap thing seriously. It all started at my homeboy Wednesday’s booth in his closet. I made a freestyle in the booth and it got released. When people heard it only went up from there. My team and movement started around me at school. At the same time it has been niggas tryna steal from me and bring nothing but issues. I bought better equipment when the songs. I made started making money. Everyone around me or that I have met tell me to keep rapping because I’m different. The first song I made, inspired from Tyler The Creator, made a lot of money. That money allowed me to but better equipment, leading to more money made from music. Now I got a team of people that f$#% with me and sponsors.” I then asked JORDY about what he wants to do within the future. “I am not just a rapper, I am more than just a rapper. I got this clothing popping off soon. Even a skateboard brand following the release of my mixtape. I got a lot planned in the future. My concert coming up soon is going to help a lot with the CRASH movement.” JORDY has some great content overall. JORDY has tons of head bangers on his Sound Cloud. Finally, because of Culture Fiend’s new bond with CRASHJORDY, he allowed us to showcase his intro to his mixtape.

JORDY is a legend from within his own time and more people need to know so share the love. Also f$#@ with JORDYTHECRASHKID on his Sound Cloud and social media all here.





JORDYTHECRASHKID’s track “FUCKINGAWESOME” right below check it

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