millennials and nonconformity


millennials, nonconformity, and future potential

kelcey johnson | head of cf

If you do not know already, a nonconformist is one who simply does not conform themselves to past practices. The Millennials are widely considered prime examples of nonconformists if it hasn’t already been obvious. This day in age anyone and everyone can be different and represent themselves however personally fit. The main problem with the old generation is the frowning upon differences or experiences this generation shares. The old generation tends to promote  the idea of a common “normal” or doing “normal things”. Looking at the gap in time and the huge difference of culture within that gap it can be cool and also scary. Change is always scary because no one can ever expect what is to come next. The Millennial generation is filled with diverse people and new changes. These new changes are rights for many, recognition for many, and in most cases identity and authenticity within one another. If you take into consideration how rebellious we are, what will the next generation contain? Will society take a step forward or will we just take a step backwards? I asked several people a few questions regarding the Millennials and nonconformity. What do you think the millennial generation have power over? What can they affect? What would the next generation look towards? How do you personally see yourself and how do you bring forward change? How do you feel about nonconformists and do you consider yourself one? The answers were similar in theme yet very different with the varying thoughts and responses. I’ve hand selected responses and found that one of them stood out among the rest (Paul and Harmon’s response), but here are the answers from all the people questioned.

 Paul and Harmon Responses

 The Other Responses From the Community

All these people are very special and there are more like them. Around this time I believe all Millennials need to band together and gear up for the storm to come. Times will be even more troubling than before, but we have a future to ensure. All in all we will continue to be different pieces to the big puzzle, and each piece has its own use. The real question is what do you bring to the table among other Millennials?

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